Abstract The traditional idea of urban public lighting is based on a double approach: on one side, economical savings and technical performances based on quantitative data, on the other side, the creative contribution of lighting practitioners focuses on enhancing urban amenity and strengthening the night-time experience of the city. This dual position is also well…Read more »

Playing with NATURALight

Waht about the city in the daylife? How light interact with materials, shapes, colours, phenomena affecting human perception? How ca we, as designers and researcher, observe the natural phenomena of direct and diffused natural lighting in the urban playground and translate it into meaninfgul ways to arrange the spaces in function of light perception? In…Read more »

Lighting + Nature (1): the garden

Designing a garden is related to the composition and combination of spaces and shapes. It is this intelligent play of assembled volumes that can be perceived by the juxtaposition of shadows and light reflected by the objects of the garden in order to give the human beings the visual perception of the space. As an…Read more »

Urban darkness (2): materials can passively lit the city

The efficiency and energy savings of public lighting are currently very hardly debated subjects and the general understanding supported by the lighting design practice agree that there is more to street lighting than percentage, figures, charts, calculations and statistics alone. The nighttime public lighting is a more complex argument: an increasing numbers of papers and…Read more »